el grande sur

Daniela Cimino and Massimo Gasole continue on their journey

september 12-october 5, 2014

Massimo Gasole

video maker


Daniela Cimino


Two travelers with their stories and a space in which you can give form to experiences and stories.
Daniela Cimino and Massimo Gasole, an architect and a videomaker, left Sardinia, their homeland, in November 2013 for a journey in the southern part of the great continent of America. Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, traveling in search of stories. Their luggage: two large backpacks, a digital reflex camera, a portable recorder and their phones.
After nine months and many miles they are back in Sardinia, with the desire to work on a project about their experience, made of stories, sounds, drawings, video and images.
They needed a space and a time  that would allow them to elaborate all the materials and ideas collected in their journey, to carry on their project.
Their intention is to narrate their  story by pictures, texts and words, but they need time to put in order the images, the stories and emotions : they will spend this first month in Sardinia at Gallery pma, taking the time they need to elaborate their experience and  carry out their project.
Daniela and Massimo, who so far have shared their impressions of the trip on Facebook "El Grande Sur", will open the doors of Gallery pma in the coming weeks, to share their experience and their "work in progress".

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