paesaggio arcaico con figure

Photographs by PABLO VOLTA 1954 -1957 _ drawings by GIOVANNI COLUMBU 2015

november 19-december 17 2016

Pablo Volta

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1926, from Tuscan father, a journalist, and Argentine mother of Italian origins, he moved with his family to Italy in 1932, where he completed his studies. He fought with the partisans in between 1944 and 1945. He begins his career as a photographer in 1949, in Berlin, where he attended an Elementary Photography course organized by the US occupation army. He then worked with the weekly magazine Il Mondo.

He founded the cooperative Photographers Associates in 1952, together with Franco Pinna, Plinio De Martiis, Caio Mario Garrubba, and Nicola Sansone.
In 1954 he visited Sardinia for the first time, taking the photos for "
Inchiesta su Orgosolo" by  Franco Cagnetta. This first trip will be succeeded by others, between 1954 and 1957, still in Barbagia, Orgosolo, Desulo, Mamoiada.
He then moved to Paris, where he photographed intellectuals and members of the art world. He worked for the correspondence office of RAI, national Italian television,  as a reporter, in 1966 participates in the Cinq Colonnes à la une,  program on French television that broadcast  a series of programs dedicated to Sardinia.
At the end of the '70s he discovered the murals in Sardinia: his reportage was exhibited in France, in Caen, at an international murals exhibition in 1981, and then in Italy.
He settled in San Sperate, Sardinia, in 1981, where he died in July 2011.


Giovanni Columbu

Born in Nuoro, Sardinia, he graduated in architecture from Milan Polytechnic University.

His work has been on show in many photography and painting exhibitions, both individual and collective, starting from  Strategia di Informazione at  Palazzo della Permanente in Milan and at the Art Biennale in Venice (1976) to Il di/segno del cinema at  the Civic Museums in Cagliari (2015) .
He worked from 1979 to 1999 for RAI, Italian national television, filming several documentaries broadcast by European and American broadcasters.
In 1998 he founded the production company
Luches, he directed the movie Archipelaghi (2001) "Sacher Award 2013" and Su Re (2012) "Critics Award 2013" and several documentaries, among which Ritratto di Pablo Volta (2005) .
He has been  contract professor
in movie direction in University.

He has written several books including Visos (Ilisso 1991), L’Arma dell’Immagine (Mazzotta, 1978), Lollas – la città immateriale (Cuec 1998).














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